Utilization of the premises

The G.A.S-station offer the large exhibition room for cultural events and can be rented as development basis for projects, exhibition room, laboratory, discussion-, presentation-, and conference room or for private purposes.

The G.A.S-station rent shall also allow to cover current expenses and to support artistic projects.

The following renting price table, comprehending three categories, can be explained against the background of an art-project-space.

1. Supporting rent
(including a sponsorship contribution for the G.A.S-station and it's projects)

2. Standard rent

3. Reduced rent especially for artists
(if a reduction is necessary for the realisation - for projects financed and organised by artists)

Renting prizes:
Up from € 85,- per day

Please make an appointment for visiting:
Thomas STUCK, Fon: 030 25 966 036 Mov: 0160 995 78 158
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