The concept of G.A.S-station is a research project on the development and exploitation of artistic and scientific aspects and also a platform to develop and test new forms of art presentation, mediation and publication. The projects we initiate annually are designed on specific topics as well as cross-divisional. We're glad about the lovely interest to our projects and events and hoping to initiate with our art project intentions futher more discussions also beyond art.

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Calls 2021

The 10th international, interdisciplinary and topic centered exhibition project 2021

ART is DeaD ∞
TANDEM - literature and visual arts in dialogue
and TANDEM - Science to listen to
positions out of art, literature and science

Opening 28th May 2021 (probably)

Hardly anything has been declared dead so often and yet proven itself so durable as art. Critics, the market and even the artists themselves have all proclaimed the death of art. Art movements break with tradition and celebrate forms of resurrection again and again. On the one hand, our present day demonstrates a colourful side by side of positions and art forms that often contradict each other. On the other hand, the Corona pandemic has turned all supposedly familiar artistic presentation aspects and forms - including those related to production, distribution, and perception - upside down. We are stuck in a global lockdown, art venues are being closed down, and almost all over the world art in all its diversity is standing still. Art is shifting into the virtual space, and with it the ambience of physical surroundings is lost. A shared atmosphere has become an individual home sphere. We are in the middle of restructuring processes whose future significance cannot be estimated yet. The wave spills over into the virtual. Will there be a flashback, or are shared cultural moments passé?

Furthermore, the topic of our project-call can also be seen as part of a recurring tradition. The artists' movement Dada, launched in Zurich, already over a century ago now announced the death of traditional art in Berlin with its provocative manifesto.

But which art is dead? Can art even die? Or is only the emphasis shifting and something becomes systemically relevant because it is dead? And who or what determines what survives?

Is the value of art still determined by saleability, commercial value and visitor quotas?

Does art now take on even more social, critical and journalistic functions for society and the environment that those actually responsible are not able to fulfil? Does art function as a gap filler?

How will art return? What strategies will be employed in bringing it back? Or does it perhaps even live better, freer, undead in the face of the demands of the market and the attention economy?

G.A.S-station, Tankstelle für Kunst und Impuls, Berlin sees itself as an experimental space for interdisciplinary neighbourhoods. In the exhibition project ART is DeaD ∞ in the G.A.S-station Berlin we want to give physical space to fine arts and new media. On the other hand, with the new format TANDEM - literature and visual arts in dialogue we want to revive the proven connection between literature and visual arts and TANDEM - Science to listen to. In addition, there is the chance to propose lectures, performances and musical contributions as individual events.

In order to expand and differentiate this thematic area, we would like to invite contributors from art, science and literature to our 10th international, interdisciplinary exhibition project 2021.

We are looking for contributions to the topic ART is DeaD ∞

1. Positions on ART is DeaD ∞

2. New forms in limited times Art without audience / art for an absent audience / the spirit of art / disembodied art

3. Dead - what kind of state of being is this? Does it live more comfortably as (un)dead?

4. What position does art have in our society? Reflection and utopias about common environment / artificial environment / art and society

If you're interested in contributing to 's project ART is DeaD ∞. and TANDEM - literature and visual arts in dialogue or TANDEM - Science to listen to or in taking part, please contact us.

Furthermore, a programme of events, guided tours and discussions for this project is planned. We look forward to your suggestions and discussions.

Deadline: 28th March 2021 - and is now closed!

Thank you very much to all subitters for your lovely interest
(ap. 51 Visual Arts and New Media and ap. 25 TANDEM international proposals).
Only complete submissions (pdf and corresponding rtf files) can be considered.

All submitters will be notified by 25.4 or 10.5.2021 at the latest.

the G.A.S-station-Team

Elisa Asenbaum&Thomas Maximilian Stuck
& Thomas Ballhausen (literary area)

Berlin: Thomas STUCK, Fon: 0049 (0)30 25 966 036 Mov: 0160 995 78 158

Vienna: Elisa ASENBAUM, Fon: 0043 1 533 56 77

ART is DeaD ∞

TANDEM - literature and visual arts in dialogue

and TANDEM - Science to listen to

Positiones in art, science and literature.

Deadline: 28th March 2021

Entire submission form in english as pdf

Accompanying text form ART is DeaD ∞ in english as rtf file

Accompanying text form TANDEM - literature and visual arts in dialogue and TANDEM - Science to listen to in english as rtf file


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