Guest exhibition
Enzo Enzel

Exhibition: 29.8.-1.9.2015, 2-7 p.m.
Vernissage: 28.8. 2015, 7 p.m.
Introduction: Dr. Peter Funken

The work of Enzo Enzel is influenced by the synchronicity and changeability in every entity.

The idea to produce what he calls my 'Enzoklopädie' concept is formulated from the complexities he finds in everyday occurences. The layering of fragments of photography seen in his newest works, no longer resemble older pieces, which were made up of segments placed along side each other. The basic idea is still the same as ever.

Primarily he uses own photographs to create a pictorial display, seeking to find similarities which heighten and intensify the compositions.
Enzo Enzel, Malta1 Malta1, 2015,
Fineartprint, 100x140cm
Enzo Enzel, Malta1 Wachturm, 2011,
Fineartprint, 100x140cm
Enzo Enzel, Malta1 Harz5, 2015,
Fineartprint, 100x140cm
Enzo Enzel, Malta1 Harz7, 2014,
Fineartprint, 100x140cm
Enzo Enzel, Malta1 Turawa, 2012,
Fineartprint, 100x140cm

Mechthild Korn, in deinen Armen ist träumen

Guest exhibition
In your arms dreams
Mechthild Korn

Exhibition: 5.-8.9.2015, 3-9 p.m.
Vernissage: 4.9. 2015, 7.30 p.m.
Sculptures and other personalities

Insight Augustina träumt
Insight :: Augustina träumt
Positions out of art and science in context with literary text.
Exhibition: September 17th - 20th 2015, 2-6 p.m.
Context reading with Wolfgang Grossmann at September 17th 2015, 5 p.m.

AUGUSTINAselbst. The literary work is hidden, analog an outstreched myzelium, that connects all the art works in the underground. On several positions transformative and interdisciplinary artistic works rised up. Unfolding surprising parallel worlds out of art and science which deals with the story.


Augustina träumt - in progressius 2014/16
27 positiones out of art and science
Exhibition: 10th October 2015 - 5th February 2016
Vernissage: 9th October 2015, 6 p.m.
Whathappensnext-Ensemble Berlin, dir. Reinhard Gagel, Musicalia augustina
Thomas Grill - World construction, variation: here-hear-there (for augustina)
participative soundperformance

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