G.A.S-station, Das Fenster, muss man schon ein muster sein um unverkäufl-ich zu werden, E.Asenbaum/Tomax
Das Fenster
E. Asenbaum-Tomax
"muss man schon ein muster sein um unverkäufl-ich zu werden"
"Must we correspond to an model not to be for sale",
Ceramic, enameled, each 39 x 39 x 3,4 cm (Aufl. 1-2-3 / 12)

28.6.-3.8.2014 - dayli. 10-8 p.m.

G.A.S-station, x|y|z:Raumprojekt, Jungle Concrete - Burchard Vossmann
x|y|z:room project #7
Jungle Concrete - Burchard Vossmann
Vernissage: August 8th 2014, 7 p.m., live DJ set
Exhibition: 12.8.-26.9. 2014 Tue-Fr 2-7 p.m.

In x|y|z:Raumprojekt - Jungle Concrete at G.A.S-station Burchard Vossmann is for the first time expanding his working method into the entire exhibition space. As primary material are used original vinylrecords and covers out of the collection from the former Dschungel Club Berlin.

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