G.A.S-station, OpenProzessTag 25.4.2015
Augustina träumt - in progressius
OpenProzessTag, 25. April 2015
4-7 p.m. with artists
from 7 p.m. visitors are welcome

The 7th international and topic centered exhibition project of G.A.S-station
Augustina träumt - in progressius 2014-16
Positiones out of art and science
Exhibition: 9th October 2015 – 5th February 2016

Artist present at OpenProzessDay:
Reinhard Gagel, Isabella Gresser, Stephan Gross, Anna Maria Kursawe, Susanne Hampe, Susanne Helmes, Kornelia Hoffmann, Ulli Klepalski, Pantea Lachin, Calla Mar, Albert Markert, Wolfgang Neipl, Olli Orthuber, Stefan Riebel, Anja Sonnenburg, Christiane Spatt, Burchard Vossmann.


Jan Rehwinkel
untitled, 2015

13th March until 30th April 2015, daily: 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.

In Jan Rehwinkel’s pictures, drawings and films it is about reduction. He see a challenge in painting black on black: "The color nuances of the various materials release a variety in detail. It´s about alternation between control and unpredictability."

The actual presentation behind reflecting glass on transparent paper expands another variable into the picture. It is supporting the attempt to remove the border between drawing and film, through the mirroring and reflections of the surrounding, permanently adding changing images. These imposing images from the outside is a light from the inside opposed - similar to film. Is the image moving? For sure another one in the window does: an animated figure, white on black, apparently detached from everything.

Print on transparent paper, 84 x 59 cm
Video, b/w, loop

G.A.S-station, Das Fenster
Archiv 2_15: Nackt wie bloß

Exhibition: 5th March 2015 - 24th April 2015
Opening hours: Tu-Fr 2-6 p.m.

Ronald Hakel, Johannes Booz, Arnold Reinisch, Yikui (Coy) Gu,
Lorelinde L.J.M. Verhees, Draga Jovanovic

Ronald Hakel
Couch, 2008 (out of the series Kates glowing room)
C-PRINT, 200 x 150 cm
Johannes Booz
Mit dem Rücken zur Wand, 2005
photography on Kapa, 100 x 130 cm
Arnold Reinisch
Arnold Reinisch
Desperate Housewives – Carmen, 2009
otography out of the series Resurr۩tion, 40 x 30 cm
Yikui, (Coy) Gu
Yikui, (Coy) Gu
Black Where it Matters, 2010
digitally manipulated photograph, Alu-Dibond, 50 x 25 cm
Lorelinde L.J.M. Verhees
Lorelinde L.J.M. Verhees
Tree Hugs, 2008
photography, C-print on aluminium, 45 x 30 cm
G.A.S-station, Draga Jovanovic (SRB), "Your self is a reflection of myself", 2012
G.A.S-station, Draga Jovanovic (SRB), "Your self is a reflection of myself", 2012
Draga Jovanovic
"Your self is a reflection of myself", 2012
two photos, each 65 x 43 cm, framed aluminium, glass,
each 80 x 60 cm
Augustina träumt - in progressius
Positiones out of art and science

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