+ Between freedom and dictatorship | the wall, G.A.S-station 2019/20

The concept of G.A.S-station is a research project on the development and exploitation of artistic and scientific aspects and also a platform to develop and test new forms of art presentation, mediation and publication. The projects we initiate annually are designed on specific topics as well as cross-divisional. We're glad about the lovely interest to our projects and events and hoping to initiate with our art project intentions futher more discussions also beyond art. 2019-20 we will have our attention on the topic freedom/dictatorship.

The upcoming project 2019/20
11 years of arT and impulsE at G.A.S-station Berlin
+ Between freedom and dictatorship | the wall
Opening 12th October 2019

In 2007 we wrote down our ideals and goals in the form of intentions and published them on our website. Now, twelve years later, we want to give an overview of the 11 years of the exhibition and its development. The publications of the works of over 350 art, literature and science contributors will be presented on space-filling, large objects, whereby our publications will be transformed into three-dimensional objects. All works will be shown in this special presentation once again and we invite the contributors to participate in the project (wall cycle and events) and to celebrate with us!

Within this framework, the cycle Between freedom and dictatorship | the wall starts.

The clarification of our cryptically sentence - this absurd sentence, which we sent along in our newsletters several times "Due to the change in society and in the G.A.S-station Berlin, Mr. Stuck goes into freedom and Mrs. Asenbaum becomes a dictator" - now will serve as a new impulse for an artistic discourse.

We invite artists and writers to give artistic form to this current topic on a wall in the large exhibition space of the G.A.S-station.

We want to stimulate a discussion about the antipodes freedom and dictatorship also in the transferred sense. This does not only mean the political aspects and nuances between freedom and dictatorially approach as well as the scope for action in democratic systems which is underlying the free market economy, but also a reflection on one's own wishes for diction and the adaptation of habits of thoughts and procedures, especially in artistic creation, to the given social and cultural conditions.

Starting in November 2019 and after the open call and selection, eight artists will be given 14 days free rein to design the wall between freedom and dictatorship. The cycle runs until automn 2020.

Sa. 02.-15.11.2019, Wolfgang Neipl
Sa. 07.-20.12.2019, Ralf Tekaat
Sa. 25.01.-07.2.2020, Harald Köhneke
Sa. 29.02.-13.3.2020, Olliver Orthuber
Sa. 28.03.-09.4.2020, Matthias Fitz + focus video
Sa. 25.04.-08.5.2020, focus literature
Sa. 30.05.-12.6.2020, focus science
Sa. 27.06.-10.7.2020, Stephanie Hanna
Sa. 25.07.-7.8.2020, Gisela Weimann
Sa. 26.09.-09.10.2020, Albert Markert

Opening hours for the exhibitions: Thu 4-7 pm, Fr 4-8 pm, Sa 5-12 pm

Furthermore, we plan a programme of events for this project with focus on literature (readings, performances), film (video days, film rolls), science (lectures, video documentaries), music (installations, performances), guided tours and discussions is planned.

This will be our 9th interdisciplinary project and
we're looking forward to present you soon the complete schedule! © 2019